Last night I had a dream. It started out so scary. I was in a room, like a court room. And there at the judge’s throne was an agent. It was a man in a suit. The type that make me want to run and hide because they emit intimidation. In my dream, this agent was holding a manuscript I submitted. My reason for being there was to follow up.

I quietly squeaked out, “I was wondering if you, ummm, had a chance to, umm, consider my manuscript.”

He answered in a deep and loud voice, “Why should I?”

I paused. I could feel the heavy stomach, and wanted to disappear. Instead I said, “Because it’s a good story.”

His answer was so quick and abrupt. Just one word. “So.”

I said something back, and he said, “I need more of a reason then just a good story.”

I thought, and said a little louder, “I’m a great writer.”

Again he answered, “And?”

With a stronger voice, “I have a collection of manuscripts ready to submit.”


I spoke clearly. “I am a published writer, I studied with some amazing authors….” and I began listing all of my positive qualities….

After a pause, he nodded his head and said, “Then I will read it, and get back to you.”

I woke up realizing what is missing from my submission strategy. It’s just one word. Confidence. I’m not selling myself. I’m sort of selling myself, but honestly, I don’t think any confidence is showing through these queries. It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, it’s that I need others to believe in me. But that won’t happen until I show them why they should.

Those who are getting book deals and agents have that. They believe in themselves, and if they don’t, they act like they do. Others want to be around them, learn from them, feature them on their blogs…

Starting today I am going to put on my confident hat. I am a great writer. I have so much to offer to any agent or publishing house. I know how to market, I learned so much from my first book, I’m continually learning and growing and shaping my manuscripts, I have original ideas, and I believe in what I do, and I am building a great platform.

I wanted to share my dream in hopes that someone will read this and see that they also have a lot to offer. Sit down and make a list of what you have to bring to the table. You may not list it in a letter, but if you embrace it as you contact them, they’ll see it.

I’m looking forward to making more books and getting to make a difference in the lives of dreamers.


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