What I learn about writing from Project Runway

I’m not a fashionista. I prefer jeans to skirts, tennis to heels, and my nails are short and natural. And I can’t sew.

However, my favorite show is Project Runway. I love the idea of being given a challenge and finding a fun and competitive way to achieve a winning final product. I’m an idea person.

In the first episode, we are introduced to the characters. One stands out. She is confident, and doesn’t appear nervous. She believes in herself. Almost all the other contestants mock her final dress. They say she’s going to go home. One jokes, “watch her win.”

She won! She stuck to her vision. She didn’t play it safe. She didn’t let others steer her away from her path. It reminded me of the writing process (as all the episodes do!).  Some of the best selling children’s books are those that have stories of editors and agents saying it will never sell, no one will buy it, it’s too off the wall.

My takeaway from this episode is that I am playing it safe. I have some very nice stories. I also have a few that are unique. However, I keep pulling my unique stories from subbing and going with my safe stories. I’m about to switch my tactic. I have a broad range of writing styles, but right now I need to get noticed.

Wish me luck!



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