My first play!

A while back I was approached to write a play for the youth theatre camp.

“Sure,” I thought. I used to write plays as a kid. I love writing dialogue. Let’s take a stab at it. How hard can it be?

Yeah, famous last words. Plays and picture books are a bit different. A bit? a BIT?  OK, a lot.

Oh, another thing, it needed to be able to cast up to 100 kids! What? 100 kids?! At first I thought, I need tons of extras… let’s see, I can have 10 – 20 squirrels. But then I remembered when I was in plays and felt like I was always an extra. There are up to 73 speaking roles. Some can be combined if needed. And of course, there are the non-speaking roles for younger kids who just want stage time.

Amazingly though, I did it!  And the kids and director are having a blast with it.

nigh at the library cover

The play is a cross between “Night at the Museum” and the TV show “Once Upon a Time.”  I do have plans to turn it into a middle grade. It’s very silly. The characters were a ton of fun to work with, and it was a great exercise in character development through dialogue.

Here is a sneak peek:

After the library closes, the mice statues wake up and are ready to start the night.

MOUSE 1: Is she gone?

MOUSE 2:   I think so!

MOUSE 3:  Storytime!!!

PROFESSOR ME-OW:  Excuse me. I’m in charge, and I say no storytime for you.

MOUSE 1: But we ARE in a library.

MOUSE 2:  When you are in a library, you have to read.

MOUSE 3: It’s true. It’s an official rule.

PROFESSOR ME-OW: Well, fine. But please put the books back when you are done

MOUSE 1: Of course.

PROFESSOR ME-OW: And don’t forget to close them!

MOUSE 3: Loosen up cat. We know the drill.

MOUSE 1 & 2:  Storytime! Storytime!

– – –

The play is scheduled to be performed June 12, 13 and 14th at the Sioux City Community Theatre.