The seasons of my life…

I seem to have a blogging season.  Usually I rev up in February, blog great through the spring, get caught up in the retail/school season with author visits and selling Usborne Books & More, disappear by the end of the year, regenerate in January and begin again.

This year I’m starting late.  BUT, I’m happy to announce that a project I’ve worked on for 12 years (almost 13) is complete.  LaunchPAD Children’s Museum in Sioux City, IA is finally open!  12 years ago I brought the proposal forward to our local Junior League. Three other moms jumped on board to help.  Though it was originally going to be a League project, we broke away a few years later to work on this multi-million dollar project.  I’ve poured a ton of hours into it and often called it my unpaid job.  But it’s complete, and I’m very proud!

So far, the numbers are exceeding our projections.  If you build, they will stampede, should be our moto.  It’s been a hopping place.  But my job is done.  Our mission was to bring a child-friendly, learning environment with 100% play to Sioux City. My kids might be too old for it now, but seeing the smiles on all the kids faces made it worth it.If you are in the area, stop by! Children required. 🙂  But I promise, you’ll love the giant Lite Bright.

I finally have room back in my brain to now turn my attention to my other dream. I’m writing regularly again, and going through and retraining/teaching myself all the amazing things I’ve learned the past few years. I’m doing a lot of editing on older stories that were close, but not yet there.  I hope this is my year to break free, and share my voice.  Look for more updates! And thank you for those who never stopped believing.

I’m excited to begin this journey doing author visits again. Next week I’ll be in Boyden, IA for their literacy conference. I can’t wait!  Then I head to Wild, Wild Midwest in Chicago where I’ll get to celebrate my birthday!

Thanks for following my journey and keep checking back!




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