For Kids!


Hi Kids!

This page is for you!

Best Questions I Was Ever Asked:

•Do you use a Permenant Marker or an Erasable one?
Answer: My computer. But if I had to choose one, it would be erasable, as I make lots of mistakes and have lots of editing to do.

•What is your favorite shape?
Answer: I think a circle, but I am still thinking on that one. Great question!
•What is your favorite number?
Answer: 4. I don’t know why, I just always liked 4. Maybe because my birthday is in April.
•Do your kids inspire you?
Answer: Yes! I get fabulous ideas just being around them
•Where do you write?
Answer: On my couch, in the middle of the house so I can be with my family.


I want to be a writer! Help me!

Good for you!!!! Just like you, I loved telling stories as soon as I could talk. My best advice is this:

•Ask Mom or Dad or Grandma or the crazy neighbor next door to buy you a notebook. Start writing! Write every day about what you see, what you hear, what you learn! Make up stories and share them in your notebook. I had lots and lots of notebooks growing up.

•When you are bored, tell stories! Don’t turn on the TV or go play video games. Instead, go find your brother or sister, a friend, or even Teddy and take them on a journey.

•Sign up for theatre/acting classes. Part of writing, is getting to be something else. Acting helps teach you how to jump in the minds of someone other then yourself. Plus it’s great fun.

•READ! READ! and READ some more!


Fun Activities!

clock craft
•Take a journey around your house! Then draw a picture of your favorite clocks.

•Paper Plate Clock:

•Research what other clocks there are! Write a story about them.


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